By Sherry Robb




Frank, a multi-talented actor and musical performer, was trained in Germany and is from an entertainment family.

During his career in Germany, Frank joined a professional stage ensemble, was a lead in a radio play and appeared on television. Over the years working in children's theater, Frank has developed numerous comedic characters and voices.

A triple threat, Frank wrote, sang and published a German pop song. As exchange student to the United States, Frank taught Ballroom Dancing at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. A few years later, Frank was invited back to the college for the German Department's Celebration to sing his song and to lead the ballroom dancing exhibition.

In the year 2000 Frank came to the US in pursuit of his acting career in film.  

One of his first appearances was in the docudrama, “The War That Made America”, about the French Indian War playing a German missionary.  He has gone on to television sitcom, commercials and various independent films, specializing in WW II projects, with skills in WW II weaponry.

Recently, Frank developed a new branch of his career as a Voice-Over artist. One of his recent projects was the popular fantasy video game, "Majesty 2" that is now being marketed in Germany. Frank is six different character voices.

Other cultures, history and languages have always been fascinating to Frank. He speaks German and English fluently, has studied French and knows basic Japanese. He is also studying Spanish and has learned phrases and nuances of several other languages, because he loves to explore and get to know people & different cultures from all over the world.